How To Install UbuntuStudio 18.04 LTS



  Ubuntu Studio is an officially recognized flavour of Ubuntu aimed at dedicated multimedia production workstations. Based on the solid standard edition of Ubuntu, it comes with a suite of the best open source applications aimed at both multimedia enthusiasts as well as trained professionals.

  Ubuntu Studio is completely free to use, modify and redistribute. Your only limitation is your imagination.

  To better understand how Ubuntu Studio differs from the basic edition of Ubuntu, we will compare the two.


1. Select your Language, 

2. You should take upon this offer. You can always begin the Ubuntu installation by rebooting your system again or simply perform the installation while already in Live Ubuntu OS. Once you are ready hit Install Ubuntu. 

3. Once you choose to Install Ubuntu on your computer, give it some time to boot into an installation wizard. 

4. At this point select the language you wish your Ubuntu operating system to use. The system language can be changed any time after the installation. 

5. Select your keyboard layout. The system tries to guess your keyboard type. Use the keyboard testing text box to type some text to give the system an opportunity to detect your keyboard. 

6. The Ubuntu installation wizard gives you on option to download updates during the installation. I suggest do not use this option. It simply will prolong the installation progress, while the system can be updated anytime after the successful installation. 

7. There is no coming back once you hit the “Continue” button. Think twice, cut once! 

8. Select your time zone. Ubuntu will automatically set time to your selected region. 

9. The information you enter here will be used to create a new user. This user will also have administrative privileges. 10. Almost done. Now simply sit back and relax.

How To Install Ubuntustudio


   1. 64bit architecture computer with hard drive free of personal non-recoverable         data. This could be any spare, old, low profile desktop or laptop.

   2. Internet connection

   3. DVD burner with blank DVD medium or USB flash drive of minimum 2GB size

Download Ubuntu
Go to official ubuntu =

   Create Bootable DVD or USB Next, choose from which medium you wish to perform the Ubuntu installation. Most beginners will find using DVD as bootable medium a simpler method. If this is your case use your current operating system to burn the previously downloaded ISO image to blank DVD medium. There are no specific settings you need to choose while burning the ISO image just look for “Burn ISO image” image feature when using your burning software. Alternatively, to create a bootable USB flash drive using MS Windows. If you are already using Linux read here on how to create Ubuntu USB flash drive.